And all the flowers talk, but they're pretty mean
They say I'm not pretty and I'm just a weed
Even in my own dreams I can't win
Fantasy is getting dark again (huh?)
I can't even see

I was in the garden, guess I should've stayed gaurded
But it all came down too fast to count or chart it
Bounce up when I hardly took a bite
Oh no I'm drowning and it's because
I'm pouting, pouting, crying a whole river
Another bite but it's so bitter
And I never learn a lesson either
And noone's been here before me
And i never never ever do a thing about the weather
Cuz the weather's never ever done a thing for me. ☆


Diamonds multiplying like ice x ice

I've got white gold on my teeth too

You could call it frostbite

Frozen I'm the snow queen

Snow knows I'm the boss like 

You could make it rain but I make it freeze

I make it all ice

So? It's a good thing I've never been

Bothered by the cold, call me Elsa then

Busy getting money, got bands to spend

I've got plans to spend, I've got plans to shop...

Call my driver, he'll pull up in a drop-top

Keep him on-call, I got money in the locked box

Money in the bank, in the safe, and the stash-box

Money in my pockets and my wallet and my black bra. ☆


He's got more patience than I got issues

He's my colours, I'm all blue 

I'm in love with darkness but I know that I do love him too


He's got more patience than I got problems 

He's so calm, probably the one

He stays & stays when I chase them all away

It's gotta mean something to me

To get me to spend more than a couple of weeks

'Cause I'm busy but I get bored easy

But I feel like I've known him since before B.C.

Butterflies, weak in the knees

Tryna count like 4..2..3?? ☆


Strolling along the shore when

I saw out of the corner of my eye

A tidal wave try to drag me in

But I'm stronger than they think that I am

I won't run I'll stand.. 

Or well at least that's the plan 

Not some kind of psychic

My insight is for the moment

Though I told you that I won't back down

I still could never promise it

At least I'm being honest with you

But honestly it's not your issue

If i can't protect myself, 

I'll fall I'll drown and sure I'll miss you

But that's exactly what the world expects

Then they'll lie and say they miss me too

But they won't get the chance to miss me

No I'm here I'm permanent

And any time they're looking

They can find me right by you


Feeling the beginning of the fall

You stretch out your hand to me

Try to save me but I deny that it's what I need

As I yell, "I'm stronger than they know"

I can catch myself, or land on my feet like a cat

I can't believe that I can't, if that's what you're telling me you need to back up

I don't need you except for maybe your shoulder for support when I'm teary but myself I can hold up

And I'm strong enough for me

And that's what really counts

So though I appreciate your help,

I think I gotta save myself. ☆


I like d☆ck, so it's kinda funny that I f☆cking hate it when he's being one

Can't sleep, can't breathe

Someone save my lungs

Someone save my heart he f☆cking broke it, he's ruthless

Then he stole it, ran off with it, so I can't even use it

He told me that he loved me but he just couldn't prove it 

When I said that wouldn't do I learned I was worth the risk of losing 

Uh oh, and I'm losing it

And I don't know what to do about it

Uh oh, and I think I lost him

Just like I lose every damn thing. ☆


Loyal to a fault

Love potions in cauldron pots
He'll drink it and say thanks a lot
Independent, banks on top
My voodoo just like working clocks
And when I'm done his heart be locked

And all the other girls want him too,
But they outta luck
He's under my spell, I can make him feel like a million bucks
He would never leave cuz he's finding
And I think im gonna keep him
Cuz I like him so much

Tell me this is real love
I dont wanna fake a thing
He just wanna make me scream
I just wanna make him sing

Cover him in fairy dust
Is he even real now
Tell me that I dreamt him up
I'll go back to sleep now. ☆